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Super clear, sharp vision is by far the greatest benefit to LASIK surgery. A close second is the recovery time. Most people are ready to resume normal activities within a day or two of surgery. But as you can imagine, your surgeon may have a little bit of advice on LASIK healing strategies. Knowing what to expect ahead of time will give you greater insight as to a day in the life after LASIK and what to expect post-surgery. 

Recovery time will vary from person to person. Most people can return to work and even drive 24 hours after surgery. But it will all depend on how your body responds to the procedure. The cornea will still be healing weeks after you are ready to get back to your routine so take extra precautions to avoid eye makeup, swimming hot tubs, and long periods of time on digital devices and computer screens. 

Immediately following LASIK surgery, as well as the initial few hours, you will likely have light sensitivity, tearing, and burning. Some blurry vision is normal but should start improving quickly. All of this is normal following LASIK eye surgery but should subside within four. After surgery, you will need someone to drive you home. Take a long nap and do your best to rest your eyes once you get home. You may feel some discomfort but once that 4-hour mark passes, your vision should be improved, and you should be pain free. It may feel like you have something in your eye for awhile as your eyes adjust so make sure you do not rub your eyes as you could dislodge the corneal flap that needs to heal. Wear a protective eye shield as a matter of prevention against inadvertently touching your eyes. You may be wearing an eye shield for the first week after surgery. You may have some redness and can use the prescription eye drops provided by your doctor to lubricate and comfort the eyes. 

The day after surgery you will meet with your surgeon for a follow-up to ensure you are healing properly and to discuss any post-operative symptoms you may have. You may be eager to resume activities so discuss with your doctor what is best for you. Once you are given the clearance from your doctor, you are ready to enjoy your new lease on life with crisp vision without the need for prescription glasses or contacts. 
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