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Cataract Evaluations in Vineland

A full, comprehensive eye examination and Cataract Evaluation is the only way to identify the presence, location, cause and severity of cataracts. During the evaluation Dr. Pernelli and his staff will dilate your eyes and perform a variety of non-invasive tests and measurements. Many of the tests will be performed personally by Dr. Pernelli to optimize your surgical outcome if surgery is deemed necessary for you. The tests and examination will determine:

  • Your refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia)
  • Your natural eye lens quality
  • Your retinal health (back of the eye)
  • Your eye pressure (glaucoma test)
  • Your personal measurements for your artificial lens implant (IOL)

After the tests and evaluation are performed, Dr. Pernelli will discuss your results and present personalized options for your best possible visual outcome. He will address any fears or concerns that you may have and explain the procedure and replacement lens options. You will be given ample opportunity to speak personally with Dr. Pernelli and we advise that you have a relative or friend attend the evaluation with you as your second set of ears and to drive you home because your eyes will be dilated. When cataract surgery is determined to be your best treatment option for clearer vision it will be scheduled with Dr. Pernelli on a day and time that is right for you.

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If you’ve been diagnosed with cataracts or are experiencing the symptoms of cataracts call our Vineland, NJ, office today at 856-205-1100 to schedule your complete exam and cataract evaluation. See if clearer vision is in your future.

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