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On the day of your cataract surgery you will meet with Dr. Pernelli and be able to ask any last minute questions and then be prepared for surgery. During the cataract surgery you will only spend about 10-20 minutes in the surgical suite. A topical anesthetic applied to the eye will allow you to remain awake during the procedure and most patients feel little to no discomfort.

Dr. David R. Pernelli, using his QuickVision Advanced Cataract Surgery Technique: a small incision, no stitch, minimally invasive procedure, will:

  1. Make a small incision where the white and clear parts of the eye meet (limbus)
  2. Use a very fine ultrasonic instrument to break up the cataract affected lens and remove it from the eye
  3. Insert the replacement Intraocular Lens (IOL) into the eye
  4. Administer antibiotic eye drops to the self-healing wound

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You will then be taken to a recovery area to rest and be re-evaluated by Dr. Pernelli.  After a short time you will be given your post-operative instructions and sent home. You will be required to have a relative or friend drive you home after surgery.

Patients are instructed to rest at home after the procedure and wear an eye shield while sleeping or until instructed otherwise. Most patients can return to normal activities within several days after the procedure.

Vision improvement will continue over the coming weeks as your eye heals.

Cataract surgery is only performed on one eye at a time. If you need surgery on both eyes, your second eye surgery will be scheduled after your first eye has healed.

Contact us today to request your Cataract Evaluation to determine if it is the right time for cataract surgery in Vineland.

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