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Vision Restoration in Vineland: Cataract Surgery

While a cataract may be present at birth or develop as a result of trauma to the eye, in 90% of cases it is simply the progressive clouding of the lens that occurs with the maturing process. Cataracts typically develop slowly over time and you may experience a gradual and painless decrease in vision. You may also notice other symptoms such as fuzzy or blurry vision, dull/faded colors, glare, difficulty seeing at night particularly when driving, frequent changes in your eyeglass prescription and in rare cases, double vision.

It is estimated that nearly 22 million Americans over the age of 40 are affected by cataracts and nearly half of all Americans will have been diagnosed by age 80.

For 90% of those with cataracts, they are the result of the maturing process that occurs slowly and painlessly as we age and many people with cataracts go about their daily activities without disruption. When cataracts begin to affect lifestyle or vision becomes impaired enough to disrupt driving and leisure activities, surgery will likely be recommended to remove the cataract. 

At the Eye Institute of South Jersey, PC, David R. Pernelli, MD, uses advanced cataract surgical techniques to remove the cataract and effectively restore clear vision. In addition to traditional Intraocular Lens implants, he also offers Lifestyle Lens options and astigmatic correction to further enhance visual outcomes and decrease dependence on glasses.

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