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The busyness of life often keeps us from making appointments for what seems like mundane tasks. We tell ourselves we’ll get around to it and then we realize that weeks or months have gone by. It is especially easy to do if we do not exhibit any signs or symptoms that something within our body is not working properly. The beauty of medical advancement is that while negative indicators can go seemingly undetected by the individual, noninvasive testing by trusted doctors can be done quickly, easily and painlessly to expose any potential danger or harm you don’t see coming. Finding eye disease early on and preserving your vision can not only improve your eyesight and avoid unnecessary vision disruption but is good for your overall health. The importance of regular eye exams for all ages is just a call away at 856-205-1100 with Eye Institute of South Jersey, P.C.. 

Whether you are 8 or 80, regular eye exams identify vision problems and protect from vision impairment. In addition to visual acuity testing, field of vision testing and checking for refractive errors, all of which are the most common testing for a routine eye exam, an annual exam can help detect serious health problems that show up in the eyes but seriously affect the rest of the body such as diabetes, thyroid disease and high blood pressure. Eye exams are important because they provide your ophthalmologist with a window to the inner workings of your eye from the lens on the surface of the eye to the tiny blood vessels in the retina at the back of the eye. Eyes may need to be checked out more frequently if you wear corrective eyewear such as glasses or contact lenses, you have a family history of eye diseases, or have a chronic medical condition that puts you at greater risk for eye diseases. 

Safeguard your vision with this reminder of the importance of eye exams for all ages. Systemic health conditions, vision impairments and loss of vision are just a few reasons you should take your eye health and eye function seriously. In the blink of an eye your appointment will be in your rearview and you will be glad to know that either your vision is top-notch, or you are in the hands of a doctor who wants the best for you and will give you proactive ways to management symptoms or begin treatments for better eye health and vision quality. Visit Eye Institute of South Jersey, P.C. WEBSITE for more details and reach out to our office at 856-205-1100.

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