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When considering the surgeon you will entrust your vision to with LASIK surgery, it is important to select a board-certified surgeon along with other discernible criteria to reduce your risk. You can find more details on how to select your LASIK surgeon here at WEBSITE. Although LASIK eye surgery has a 99% success rate, with 96% of patients achieving 20/20 vision, there is still a less than 1% complication rate. Although serious complications are extremely rare, it is wise to review all the inherent risks associated with any surgery. What are the possible complications from LASIK surgery?

Complications are not the same thing as side effects. Common side effects of LASIK include some things that may be concerning but will improve over time. Some of these include inflammation, dry eyes, glares, halos, and blurred vision. Complications on the other hand are unintended results that may require additional treatment because something did not go quite right during the surgical process and may cause harm if left untreated. The possible complications from LASIK surgery are infections as well as dislocation of the corneal flap created as part of the refractive correction process. In addition to flap complications, another possible complication of LASIK is the under-correction or overcorrection of the refractive errors. However, technological advancements in lasers have reduced the likelihood of such worry. Epithelial ingrowth, more likely to be experienced by older patients, can occur when cells in the outer layer of the cornea move under the flap and begin to grow. Corneal ectasia is a rare complication of LASIK that is caused by ablating too much corneal tissue. Lastly, corneal abrasion can be caused by the surgical blade, known as the microkeratome, that creates the flap.

Suitability for the procedure helps determine if LASIK is in fact the right type of surgery for a patient. Unstable prescription and corneal thickness would disqualify a patient from LASIK. To determine if LASIK is right for you, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Eye Institute of South Jersey, P.C. at 856-205-1100 for a comprehensive eye exam. The possible complications for LASIK surgery are extremely minimal. At Eye Institute of South Jersey, P.C., we help our patients achieve exceptional vision without the need for corrective lenses. Let us do the same for you. 

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