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Glaucoma is classified as a group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve. Located at the back of the eye, the optic nerve contains nearly one million nerve fibers that carry visual information from the retina to the brain. The optic nerve is vital to the perception of color, brightness and contrast in what you see. Damage occurs due to a buildup of fluid and abnormally high pressure in the eyes. 

What happens if you have glaucoma? Glaucoma can occur without any cause but is most often due to intraocular pressure. The eyes require aqueous fluid to coat and nourish them. In a healthy eye, this fluid flows through the pupil to the front of the eye and passes through a drainage canal between the iris and the cornea. When glaucoma occurs, that drainage canal becomes blocked putting excessive pressure on the eye. Your first noticeable symptom if you have glaucoma is tunnel vision, or more accurately, the loss of peripheral vision. Most people develop glaucoma in both eyes although in the early stages it may be worse in one eye over the other. Other signs of glaucoma include blurred or low vision, eye floater, halos or flashes around lights, sudden and severe headaches or eye pain, sensitivity to light, and vision loss.

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness for those aged 60 or older. However, blindness is rare if glaucoma is detected early which is why it is necessary to schedule routine eye exams to monitor your eye health and to be aware of any changes to vision. Successful glaucoma treatments include prescription eye drops, laser treatment and surgery. 

Eye doctors can check for glaucoma and other eye diseases as part of a comprehensive dilated eye exam. Testing is painless and often includes the following options: gonioscopy, optical coherence tomography, ocular pressure test, pachymetry, slit-lamp exam, visual acuity test and visual field test. To schedule your full-service exam at Eye Institute of South Jersey, P.C. with an experienced doctor who provides state-of-the-art eye care call us today at 856-205-1100 or schedule conveniently online at WEBSITE.

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