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It is estimated that 17-20% of people in the U.S. suffer from dry eyes due to poor tear film formation. The meibomian glands, which are responsible for maintaining an adequate tear film, frequently become compromised allowing for rapid tear evaporation, bacteria growth and inflammation. Not recognizing or misdiagnosing the resulting dry, red, irritated, burning or tearing eyes cause difficulty reading, viewing a computer, watching television or seeing clearly while driving.

Prior to the introduction of Intense Pulsed Light Dry Eye Treatment, when diagnosed, dry eye symptoms were treated with a combination of artificial tears, antibiotic drops ointments and lid hygiene protocols. These treatments could reduce symptoms and offer some measure of comfort for the patient but failed to fully address the root of the problem. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment uses powerful bursts of light at specific wavelengths to heat and stimulate the dysfunctional meibomian glands. Expression of the glands following the application of IPL can provide near immediate relief for some patients.

David R. Pernelli, MD of the Eye Institute of South Jersey, PC, recommends Intense Pulsed Light Dry Eye Treatment (IPL), the new non-invasive breakthrough in dry eye syndrome therapy. This therapy, developed by Rolando Toyos, MD in conjunction with DermaMed Solutions, has been featured on the TV show The Doctors and is being utilized to treat dry eye at both the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins.

Dr. Toyos stated, “I have personally trained Dr. Pernelli in our protocol and technology and am proud to recognize his facility as one of our Centers of Excellence.” The Eye Institute of South Jersey is among the first 200 centers nationwide to be recognized and designated a Dry Eye Center of Excellence.

“I am very excited to introduce the IPL Dry Eye Treatment technology to our South Jersey communities and have already seen a dramatic improvement and positive impact in our patient base,” stated Dr. Pernelli. “To afford our patients this sight saving therapy so close to their homes represents a significant opportunity in dry eye treatment that until now has only been offered in very few facilities nationwide.”

– David R. Pernelli, MD

To schedule an evaluation with Dr. Pernelli for Intense Pulsed Light Dry Eye Treatment, contact the Eye Institute of South Jersey, PC, at 856-205-1100.


“My eyes have improved greatly! In the past, I would try to get relief from the discomfort. I don’t have those days now. I am back doing what I love: quilting and knitting!”    –Betty Wilson

“I have completed two treatments and have noticed a real improvement in my dry eye symptoms. My eyes no longer look or feel as irritated or red, but instead look brighter and clear. Also, I am very excited that a pattern of inflammation and infections seems to have stopped. I am looking forward to long lasting results! Thanks Dr. Pernelli.”    —Diane Ragone

“I’d say that the IPL-DES treatment has improved my quality of life. It’s instant! The minute you open your eyes after the treatment, you can see perfectly clear – and no tearing. And it doesn’t hurt! I have more energy now that I am not fighting eye strain all day, thus improving the quality of my life. I highly recommend it.”   —Janice Mielke

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